EcoSistems Watermakers

We design, manufacture and distribute seawater desalination watermakers with energy recovery with patented Technology.


Energy savings have been a key priority in developing the whole range of Eco-Sistems Watermakers water desalinisation devices. The company has been committed to sustainability since the mid-1990s, making it a pioneer in developing efficient, eco-friendly seawater desalination solutions. For example, the rotary pumps used on all of the company’s products feature an energy-recovery system. In addition to the well-known systems with ETD piston pumps –a range that can produce between 30 and 90 litres per hour– the Eco-Sistems Watermakers catalogue also includes the best rotary pump for mid-size water desalinisation systems (200/300 litres/hour). This is a true technological revolution in the field of energy recovery for seawater desalination systems of this size.


Main characteristics:

  • Flow rates from 50 m3 / day (expandable in modular configuration).
  • Fully compact plants installed and ready for your functioning.
  • Plants completely automated.
  • Equipped with internet connection for remote monitoring and control from any connected device to Internet.

Main advantages:

  • Cost of water much lower than the cost of mains water.
  • Constant quality of the treated water.
  • Minimum space required. They can supply installed in containers adapted
  • Self-sufficiency in the supply of Water


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