About Us

WellianceHOSPITALITY is a collaboration of five business networks active in interiors furnishings and equipment, lighting, energy efficiency & cleantech, water management, construction and building technologies and materials, located in Spain, France Belgium and Germany. 


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CENFIM is the home and contract furnishings cluster from the Spanish Catalonia region. The objective of the cluster is supporting companies to improve their competitiveness through innovation in two main areas:

  • R+D+I projects and environmental sustainability, and
  • market access



The CENFIM value chain is composed by companies operating in the following sectors related to home interiors and contract (hospitality and others):

  • Furniture and carpentry (room, dining, outdoor, upholstery, wardrobes, doors…)
  • Lighting (decorative, technical)
  • Fabrics (curtains, home fabrics, technical, bedding, restaurant…)
  • Flooring (vinyl, laminate, wood, carpets…)
  • Wall coverings (paper, textiles, wood, laminate, vinyl…)
  • Sleeping (mattresses, bedding…)
  • Decorative elements (paintings, etc.)

Cluster Lumière - FRANCE

CLUSTER LUMIERE is the French lighting cluster from the Auvergne Rhône-Alps region. The objective of the cluster is supporting companies of all the lighting value chain to improve their competitiveness through: research and innovation projects, collaborative innovation development projects in innovating uses / markets, inside and outside Europe.



Members of the cluster Lumiere offer a wide range of lighting solutions and services, almost covering the complete value chain of the contract hospitality sector:

  • SMEs members of the cluster are manufacturers and suppliers of lighting solutions (majority)
  • Lighting designers from components and system developers
  • Product manufacturers
  • Software developers with lighting and electrical engineers
  • Designers
  • Installers
  • Facility managers
The cluster also involves as members 90% of the French labs in the lighting sector.

Cluster Catalan Water Partnership - SPAIN

Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) promotes projects and multilevel collaborations for developing innovative & sustainable solutions to global water needs. The CWP has been working on projects and promoting studies and activities related to the Hotels & Tourism sector since 2012.

Logo Catalan Water Paternship

The cluster is formed by more than 90 entities working on the sustainable use of water.

The value chain parts relevant for the cluster members are:

  • Swimming pool and spa zones
  • Irrigation processes
  • Wastewater and grey water treatment.
  • Drainage systems

Cluster CAP Construction - BELGIUM

CAP Construction is a business cluster acting in the sustainable construction sector. 

The aim of the cluster is to foster the socio-economic development of sustainable construction in Wallonia.
CAP Construction seeks to achieve this goal via two axes:

  • by developing the competencies of his members
  • by encouraging the emergence of projects and new collaborations
Logo CAP Construction

The Walloon cluster CAP Construction gathers together actors of the sustainable construction sector, ranging from producers of materials to architects to contractors and installers, as well as business support organisations and research and innovation centres.

Furthermore, CAP Construction very often organize meetings with local authorities, the regional administration,  universities and with training centres. 

Umweltcluster Bayern- GERMANY

The German cluster is the key network for environmental technologies made in Bavaria. UCB’s objective is to develop sustainable solutions for environmental challenges at regional and global level, by connecting companies, research institutions, municipalities and policy-makers.


Logo UmweltCluster Bayern

Together with their more than 220 members, the cluster’s team offers a broad range of expertise, products and services on national and international markets.

Umweltcluster Bayern fosters international collaboration in the fields of:

  • Waste management & recycling
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Site remediation
  • Air pollution control
  • Energy from waste & biomass
  • Resource efficiency