The project


The objectives

The welliance partnership is built upon the outputs of the ESCP4i SENTINEL project, carried out from January 2018 to June 2019, and the related and following work.

It is open for other European clusters who are complementary to the participating partners.

This second strand aims at:

  • Creating a long-term collaboration framework
  • Helping SME members of the partnership to acquire knowledge and capacities in the selected target markets: MEXICO, SOUTH AFRICA and USA
  • Further develop and strengthen the key contacts in the three target markets
  • Fostering real business opportunities
  • Supporting the internationalisation of partners’ SME members in the three markets
  • Providing relevant information and benefit in different direct and indirect manners other EU clusters and SMEs
Strengths of the partnership
Strengths of the partnership

The brand

The values that define the brand welliance are: COLLABORATION, QUALITY, EXPERIENCE and EUROPE


welliance provides knowledge and smart solutions to stakeholders of the hospitality market, with a set of experts in the technology, environmental sustainability, efficiency and design industries


The brand will be the benchmark alliance in internationalisation, providing knowledge and smart solution from Europe for the hospitality sector, around the globe

wellianceHOSPITALITY brand attributes
Brand attributes

The Activities

workshops & webinars


The purpose is to provide knowledge to SMEs to successfully design and implement their internationalization strategy, while also strengthening the relations among clusters’ members

online material


This activity will allow partners to acquire  relevant information about specific aspects of each market that could affect the internationalisation process

welliance hospitality

International mission travel


With the support of local stakeholders, the missions will allow interested SMEs of the partnership clusters to enter the three target markets

welliance hospitality


M. Alfred Mayr - Managing Director, UCB

"The hospitality market is a growing market, especially in the pre-identified target countries. However, this increasing number of tourists has a significant impact on the environment not only in the respective region, but also on a global scale. Therefore, a reliable and sustainable infrastructure corresponding to the regional necessities and conditions is needed."

M. Xavier Amores - Cluster Manager, CWP

"The participation in this project will allow, on one hand, the development of a strong partnership with all the participants, helping SMEs in exploring and finding market opportunities in three hospitality markets, and on the other hand, the project development will provide a stronger knowledge about H&T sector and will help on the internationalization process of the SMEs.”