Atelier Mel

Atelier Mel creates unique artworks working at the intersection of artistry and digital design technology. Based in Spain, our multidisciplinary team of designers and craftsmen work hand in hand with architects and interior designers to shape the WOW piece that best suits the space that will host it.


Atelier Mel is specialized in the conception of experimental and technically demanding pieces of art.

Combining creativity, a deep technical knowledge, and an extensive network of material suppliers, Atelier Mel is the right team to undertake any complex project where the size, material, or location is never a limit.

Since early 2014 Atelier MEL has been working internationally, with special relevance in USA and Middle East. Their completed projects include indoor sculptures, outdoor sculptures, chandeliers, wall art pieces or sculptural ceilings for some of the better known international hotel brands.


We are the ideal partner to materialize the whole special piece package of a project.

We can shape the idea from the beginning, or work hand in hand with the designers in charge of the space to define the piece they envisioned.

Thanks to the use of technology, Atelier Mel can optimize both the design and the fabrication process of pieces that will only be made once. This combined methodology ads freedom to the creative process and sustainability to the design where the choice of material, fabrications process and transport can be considered from the getting a better and more competitive result.


Contact Person: Maria Ruiz Pardo
Company Website:
Phone: +34 650 833 517

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