We are a manufacturer specializing in FF&E AND OS&E project management, offering comprehensive services for the hospitality Barinsa Bariperfil group specializes in digital printing on rigid supports for interior decoration in the contract hospitality industry. The group manufactures standard products, but also customized products. Its most representative product is Kobert-In, a large-format wall covering.

Brands: Kobert-In


Barinsa-Bariperfil group has one of the most advanced lines of digital printing on rigid support in the industry. The group has a large format 3D scan that gives it the ability to scan natural materials in a very high resolution. In addition, there is a large experience in application of coatings and varnishes. All this allows the group to develop its innovative character in the search for new materials, designs and finishes for use in wall panels and interior decoration. Although the internationalization project is very recent, the group has presence in North America, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, among others. In Spain, there are several projects with the Barceló Group chain, for whom custom designs have been developed in collaboration with interior design offices.


The group manufactures standard products, but also develops custom-made projects in materials, formats or designs. The most representative product is Kobert-In, a large-format wall covering perfect for covering walls in any hotel room, whether they are humid places such as the bathroom or shower, or places with high technical and decorative requirements such as a lobby or other common areas. In addition to Kobert-In, there are also other solutions based on other types of support such as MDF, melamine and PVC for any type of finish or application. The ability to digitally scan and print any of these materials, allows the group to be very innovative and develop custom solutions for contract hospitality.


Contact Person: Marc Barreno
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Phone: +34 660 333 711

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