Leaders in intelligent control systems for the water industry.

Increase the efficiency & reliability of your operations throughout the water cycle with our cutting-edge digital platforms: better treatment, less cost (energy, chemicals).

Empowering people and equipment. Every second. Everywhere.


With our well-balanced multi-disciplinary team, we deliver the most advanced solutions to optimize processes within the water industry, for both municipal and industrial applications.

At Createch360º, we love what we do! Our team has installed more than 150 installations to date, in more than 13 countries across Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia. Our experience and innovation-driven mindset enables us to provide high value propositions, enabling utilities and industries to achieve their efficiency and sustainability goals, while improving process treatment performance, by implementing our proprietary CREA® intelligent monitoring and control platforms.  Through our global network of partners, we bring our solutions to you in a smooth and tailored manner, compliant with local standards and through a local contact. 


CREA® is your partner providing digital tools to empower you and your equipment to achieve reliable and enhanced process performance, reducing operational costs and/or reducing environmental impact, based on your goals and priorities.

  • A digital process intelligence platform: single tool for multiple users. Self-customizable dashboards, KPIs, reports & alarms, with data analytics features strategic decisions, and everyday operations. 
  • Fitted with a cutting-edge control: modular, direct and transparent control of process equipment, using advanced logic tools (incl. AI) tailored to each site and enhanced monitoring to empower operations teams to stay in control of their process. 

With our experience from over 150 intelligent control platforms worldwide, CREA® is a modular and flexible platform suitable for any size as well as any process type, configuration and equipment.


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