Grino Water Solutions GmbH

Grino provides sustainable access to clean water by offering solar-based and battery-free water purification solutions. Grino offers both, water purification technologies for direct sale plus full service and finance via regular payments.

Grino individually designed water purification is fully automated to achieve simplicity and independence.


2.3 billion people live in water-stressed countries, of which 733 million live in high and critically water-stressed countries (UN Water 2021). Grino Water Solutions combines non-applicable water resources even seawater to produce clean drinking water and water for commercial applications using solar energy.

Grino aims to contribute significantly to the fight of global water scarcity by providing decentralized solutions for commercial applications and at a community level. The German company was founded 2019 after multiple years of research and development at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. The development of the innovative solar-based water purification solutions has been supported by funds at state, federal and EU levels.


Together with its local network, Grino is the perfect partner on the path towards offering sustainable tourism. The unique technology allows realizing emission and cost reductions while achieving infrastructure independence. By accessing reliable Grino solutions including optional financing customers can realize improved access to water without coping with high initial investments.


Combining Solar and available water sources

  • Savings from spending on fossils
  • Savings from piping losses (non-revenue water)
  • Saving of CO2e

Sustainable Tourism

  • Revenue increase
  • New customer segment
  • Visibility for Marketing

Water-as- a-Service

  • Reduced initial investment and responsibility
  • Plannable continuous payments
  • Local service and contact
  • Meeting Covid-19 liquidity limitations


Contact Person: Josef Schütz
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