At Simon we want to achieve great things.

We want you to create experiences through your everyday actions. To experience new sensations through technology, design and simplicity. We want you to feel the same way we do when we create our products. We can’t imagine any other way of doing things.

We make innovation the norm, and make the standard into something beautiful; we simplify the most advanced technology so that no effort is required for you to work it. All of this to light up your emotions.

Simon was born 100 years ago out of one family’s passion. Today, as we expand, this passion has become the driver for our growth. Everything we do radiates feeling; it’s what we are. 
Because we work with feeling, we can do great things. 


Simon is the head of an industrial group specialised in technological solutions for lighting, light control, connectivity and electrical materials for contract projects (retail, hospitality, workplace) and residential projects. In all these fields, Simon maintains a firm commitment to design and innovation, which led it to receive the National Design Award granted by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness on its one hundredth anniversary.

After positioning itself as a leader in the Spanish market, the company has consolidated its presence in more than 90 countries, where it promotes business areas ranging from small electrical materials, to control systems, connectivity, architectural, interior and urban lighting, and electric vehicle recharging. The Simon Group team is made up of 4,000 people around the world, with facilities in 15 countries, 9 of which have production centres. 

Simon understands spaces as the centre of users’ homes, and allows them to fill those spaces with light, to create atmospheres that invite sensations, that they can touch, see, hear…and feel. Its technology allows users to create a multitude of experiences that adapt to their lifestyle and make life easier, with the desired intensity and nuance.


Feel the space

We rest, we eat, we work, we walk, we share, we celebrate and we relax. In short, we live and feel the space, enjoying multiple experiences when we stay in a hotel.

Our lighting control, device charging, connectivity and multimedia solutions, and the possibility of creating customised function kits, allow us to participate in the design of each space, adapting our solutions to the needs of the people who live there and the activities that are carried out.

We offer personalised environments that inspire moods, highlight architecture and create unique environments, helping to generate atmospheres of well-being.

Designs for creation

The combination of design, innovation and technology allows us to provide tools that are used to create spaces that serve people and their emotions.

Collections of mechanisms in different materials, finishes, textures and chromatic ranges, combined with the versatility of our luminaires, allow the Simon collections to be used to design made-to-measure solutions that suit the different spaces and their uses, helping to shape the identity and enhance the attractiveness of all types of hotel rooms.


Contact Person: Francesc Bassa, Business Area Manager
Phone: (+34) 606 508 849
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