Webinar: Opportunities in contract-hospitality in the USA – 04.02.2021

webinar South Africa

The Program of the Conference

  • 3:50 pm: Opening virtual room
  • 4 pm: Welcome
  • 4:05 pm: Welliance Introduction general program – Cluster Lumière
  • 4:15 pm: Introductory conference – David Cámara
    • Why USA (Florida – New York)?
      • USA in the international Hospitality framework
      • USA strategic value for european companies in the sectors represented at Welliance
      • The contribution of value from european companies  in the sectors represented at Welliance
    • How?
      • Strategies to access market
      • The Key: market positioning
    • And Now?
      • New Normal: Opportunities and challenges that may favor the presence of the european companies in USA
  • 4:35 pm: Round table (Key Q&A) with local players (one or two people) moderated by David Cámara
  • 5:30pm: End of the conference


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The event is free.