[FR] Lumière & CAP Construction’s launching event – 15.12.2020

CAP Construction Lumière launching event

The clusters Lumière and CAP Construction held a common local dissemination event on the 15th of December 2020. As both clusters are located in French speaking areas, they ceased the opportunity to organize a joint event to foster the sharing of experience between the participants.

M. Delporte, an expert in luxury hospitality, provided the audience with key messages about business models and positioning while taking into account the effects of the COVID crisis.

M. Smitz and M. Delgado, both working for the Agence Wallonne à l’Exportation et aux Investissements, gave us a clear picture about the hospitality market situation in Mexico and its expected evolution. 

Participants also had the opportunity to learn more about the project itself and the support mechanisms that will be put in place for SMEs.

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