UCB’s launching event – 30.11.2020

webinaire wellianceHOSPITALITY

On November 30, the Web-event “Environmental Technologies in Hospitality – Market Entry in Mexico, USA and South Africa” by Umweltcluster Bayern (Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria, UCB) took place gathering cluster members and other stakeholders interested in the project „wellianceHOSPITALITY“.

Dr. Eva Dehnert (UCB) presented the EU COSME GO INTERNATIONAL funded project and the resulting support opportunities for SME cluster members looking for a market entry in hospitality in Mexico, South Africa and the US. 

Christian Weber, representative of the federal state of Bavaria for Mexico and Central America, then gave a comprehensive insight into the current market situation in tourism in Mexico and drew a realistic picture of the changed market opportunities for sustainable technologies from Bavaria in the Mexican tourism & hospitality industry in the face of the corona pandemic.
He also gave valuable advice for SME members to maintain international activities in the current situation and use the chance to establish trusting and long-lasting relationships with international partners in times of uncertainty. 

Link to the original article on UCB’s website.